t h e w o r l d o f i n v i s i b l e i l l n e s s

Effect of invisible (hidden) disability on relationship

Most couples experience predictable problems at different stages of each individual’s life and stages of the relationship. Couples where one or both partners experience invisible chronic illness/disability experience the same problems, only more so and in additional ways.


    Years ago David and I were in Texas for the funeral of his mother who had died only two days short of her 94th birthday. Although David and his sisters were far busier than I was, those four days were nevertheless fatiguing for me.  So when we boarded the bus from the car rental center back to the terminal I was off-balanced and tired. “What you doin’ luggin’ […]

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GUEST POST: 4 Ways That Tech Can Help People With Disabilities Reach Their Career Goals

by Patrick Young, AbleUSA Are you living with a disability and looking for a career boost? Then upgrading to the latest tech could be the secret to unlocking your professional potential. You only need one essential piece of tech to harness the latest accessibility and productivity tools: a smartphone. So here are the best ways to put that little piece of tech in your pocket to work to enhance your […]

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If you’re reading this chances are I’m not going to change your mind; we probably think alike anyway . Just in case . . . As if you needed proof that much more rhetoric needs to be on the stigma of mental health, just listen to this factoid from the National Institutes of Health: “Of the 32,000 deaths per year from gun violence in the U.S., more than 60% are […]

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Menopause Awareness Month: Let’s Start Something

Originally posted on MiddlesexMD Blog:
My car’s license plate reads “HOTFLAS.” I take it for granted, until someone rolls down his window to talk to me at a stop sign. “Hey, I like your license plate,” he says. “You must be about 50. Wow, my wife is going through that. It’s really tough. It’s been a real challenge.” Only a few days later, I was meeting with a colleague from…

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This Teen Knows When Apology Is Not Enough

Originally posted on Long Distance Love Life Of A Teen:
I wrote a post yesterday about the frustration when my boyfriend does not apologise, and how it makes me feel, and despite believing I’d never get an apology…I got one before the end of the day. However, it didn’t solve anything for me.  Feelings of hurt didn’t magically disappear, nor did the frustration.  Yet, if I say ‘your apology means…

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“I can’t work with someone who’s broken,” he said calmly. The young man had just read my Disclosure, a description of rights that, as a Marriage & Family Therapist, I’m legally required to give all clients.  Although it isn’t necessary, my Disclosure also relates that I have multiple sclerosis; I don’t want clients to wonder whether my stumbling is about a liquid lunch. Broken, he said.  Broken.  I never imagine […]

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