t h e w o r l d o f i n v i s i b l e i l l n e s s

Effect of invisible (hidden) disability on relationship

Most couples experience predictable problems at different stages of each individual’s life and stages of the relationship. Couples where one or both partners experience invisible chronic illness/disability experience the same problems, only more so and in additional ways.

What the King of Soul Does When He’s Stressed

We all know that stress is necessary to keep us in balance — the right combination of eustress (good stress) and distress is similar to tuning an instrument: the right tension between different sounds produces a pleasing sound. When distress tips the balance people try to reassert balance, sometimes by doing more of the very things that cause distress in the first place. Like the anxious employee who works even […]

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Rock On

Stress is universal and affects every living organism. It even affects the non-living, like rocks, linoleum and the living-dead, like zombies. Think of stress as what makes for change — either good (eustress) or bad (distress). In one form or another, stress is present every day and all the time. Sometimes what is good can be bad. There’s too much of a good thing like eating a few squares of dark chocolate […]

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Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

When Playboy Magazine was about 12 years old, Hugh Hefner appeared on “What’s My Line?” a show from when television entertainment was boxed in black and white. Sardonic, smug, and handsome in a slick sort of way, Hef now 84, acted like a frat boy who took his stash from under the bed and made lots of money selling it. Embarrassed to say that Playboy provided a great stimulus to […]

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Check it out; Hef’s getting married again!  How many women do you think he’s asked who’ve said “no”?  That might be a more interesting interview than talking to the one(s) who said “yes”. Anyway.  Ludicrous as this is, and it is ludicrous, we’ve asked for it. We’re into fantasy and romance (clearly the two of them have gone in for both of those); no wonder couples get into relationship trouble […]

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Falling Off My Shoes: High Heels & Disability

Small animals and children risk puncture wounds if they get in the way. Men who get too close to what are called “f*** me pumps” risk injuries I won’t even describe. And women run  the risk of back and foot  injury, despite repeated medical warnings. Because of our insistence on being part of the sexy pack, we wear such outrageously high shoes that harming ourselves is knowingly chosen.  Most women, […]

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