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GUEST POST: 4 Ways That Tech Can Help People With Disabilities Reach Their Career Goals

by Patrick Young, AbleUSA


Are you living with a disability and looking for a career boost? Then upgrading to the latest tech could be the secret to unlocking your professional potential. You only need one essential piece of tech to harness the latest accessibility and productivity tools: a smartphone. So here are the best ways to put that little piece of tech in your pocket to work to enhance your career and reach your professional goals.

Smartphones Can Come in Handy for Job Seekers…

Are you on the hunt for your perfect new job? Then you need a powerful smartphone to fuel your job search! Having a powerful phone and a reliable phone plan can give you an edge when looking for a new position, because you will be able to connect with potential employers on the go. When looking at wireless phone plans, make sure the one you choose includes unlimited talk, text, and data so that you can stay connected without data limits. That’s crucial when you are out making connections and networking with other professionals in order to boost your career prospects. Networking is one of the fastest ways to snag more interviews and land your dream job, and you can also use your phone to search for industry events, join professional social media groups, and reach out to top leaders in your field. Plus, you can use job search apps to apply from your smartphone, so you won’t have to worry about missing a career opportunity.

…But Smartphones Can Also Help With Promotions

If you’re already established in your career, upgrading your phone could help you land a promotion or raise as well. In addition to getting access to the latest job search apps, having an updated smartphone in your pocket will also allow you to access productivity apps that can improve your performance as an employee. Whether you need to organize work projects or create powerful marketing content, there are countless apps that can keep your daily workflow efficient and effective. You can also use your phone to research negotiation tips that will help you highlight your improved performance and maybe even score yourself a raise.

Apps Can Also Provide Accessibility Options for Professionals…

Working with a disability doesn’t have to limit your performance, and accessibility apps can make performing daily tasks a little easier. For example, those with impaired or low vision can use apps like Envision AI to get a better feel for what is going on in the office, while workers with a variety of disabilities may find voice assistance like Google Assistant useful for performing different work tasks. Many of these apps can come in handy for Android users, but those who prefer Apple products can use accessibility apps as well. Deaf Wake can be useful for keeping mornings productive, while apps like Tattle can help professionals stay on top of current news. Even if these apps will not make your work life more productive, they may reduce stress in your personal life, which can also improve your performance as an employee and boost your career.

…and Employers May Be Required to Provide Tech for Accessibility

If you need a paid app to make your work more accessible, you could foot the bill for that subscription on your own. Per ADA requirements in the workplace, however, you could also request that your employer cover the cost of apps and technology needed for reasonable accomodations. When companies and corporations employ or hire workers who are living with disabilities, they must also commit to providing any tools or assistance to meet the special needs of those individuals. These legally required accommodations can include software or technology that allows for greater accessibility, so check with your employer about making accomodations before you pay for any smartphone apps or new tech out of your own pocket.

Upgrading to a powerful new smartphone, and having the right plan to go with it, is such a simple way to take the stress out of achieving your career goals. So check in with your current carrier and research your smartphone and app options, to discover all of the ways that a single tech improvement can make your work life easier.

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