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Healthy Relationship

A Great Murmur Arises on New Year’s Eve

For the Babylonians and Romans the new year was a sobering event, a time to renew allegiance to pagan gods, emperors, kings. The consequences for making unrealistic and unkept promises to a pantheon like that had teeth, by Zeus! There’ve been no teeth for a long time.  We might as well be gumming to death our intentions for all they mean to achieving concrete consequences.  Pledges about mental health and wellness […]

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Expectations. Say what you want about weariness, family dysfunction, commercialism, overeating and overspending.  Or that the sun’s been AWOL for 7 days straight and what’s left of the snow looks like it fell from a volcano.  Any number of stress disorders, worries about money, and disliking your own relatives (including Mother) count for nothing when a houseful’s coming, it’s your turn to entertain, and hubby’s at hockey with the kids. […]

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Casting a spell is done by the lovers among us; no exorcism needed.   Anyone who’s had a broken heart knows words and potions don’t work anyway.  And, unless you’re a crazy cat lady, the likelihood of being under the spell of a lover’s words is far greater than being enchanted by a black cat. Loving someone calls out parts of us untouched by anything else. Loving and being loved is the genesis […]

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