t h e w o r l d o f i n v i s i b l e i l l n e s s


The model chose to remain anonymous but did reveal that her dress matches her underwear.

The model chose to remain anonymous but did reveal that her dress matches her underwear.

The fashion industry has joined forces with manufacturers of personal care products to produce incontinence wear for women in designer colors, including soft peach and light blue.

Industry has heeded the call of millions of women who want to feel feminine, even when having a pants-full. The newer color palette does that and at the same time takes away the shame and embarrassment of elimination accidents. Women feel confident again.  How sexy is that?

No news from design experts about re-fashioning incontinence products for men.  Basic gray or black ramped up with famous-maker logos? Industry insiders float jazzy possibilities for the future.

Kathe Skinner is a psychotherapist and relationship coach specializing in couples work, especially regarding relationships affected by invisible disabiity (cancer, bi-polar disorder, Crohn’s, lupus, etc.).  She has multiple sclerosis; bladder problems are among her symptoms. Her husband David thinks soft peach pee panties are cute; thankfully, he doesn’t think they’re sexy.

Categories: Effect of invisible (hidden) disability on relationship

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  1. I find this as ridiculous as Cialis commercials! Fashion in this! Seriously ?

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