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Speaking from a disabled woman’s point of view, living the “lib lie” in relationship simply doesn’t work. The “lib lie” I’m talking about is putting career before relationship, being damned if I’ll make cacciatore, or being complimented for how I look. Where was my head all these years.  I’ll tell you where: in the conference room, the kitchen, and in front of the mirror. Truth be told, I like making […]

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Even if the claims that candy causes behavioral problems are anecdotal, one thing is for sure: An American diet full of sugar is a significant cause of childhood obesity. But it tastes so darned good. The Centers for Disease Control report that 1 in 6 children between the ages of 2 and 19 is obese. Aside from the psychosocial aspects of being bullied or having no date for the 8th grade […]

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Doing work you’re passionate about has been the imperative for years now. This, despite the contined high unemployment rate, a rate that doesn’t even reflect people who gave up trying to find work years ago. Ironically, they’re called the “invisible unemployed” and there’s about 86 million of them.  Like the “invisibly disabled”, both are a large part of our society where the “invisible” part suggests monkeys with hands over their […]

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I’m a fine one to talk. “All change implies the acceptance of loss” is the line I berate my coaching and psychotherapy clients with. Loss of function with invisible disability carries with it more than just the loss of “being able to…”  It’s how others’ attitudes might change.  Or how communication in a relationship — married or not — is impacted. Recently emailing with a colleague, another permutation appeared:  “All loss […]

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Married, in a relationship, or single, life is often ungovernable. Through disability, chronic illness, divorce, break-up, deaths big and small where do we find respite from difficulty? When can we stop being courageous? So many of us lean on love to give us relief from life’s chattering. If love were so one-dimensional, though, if all loving did was give us rest, would it still be lustrous? What is easy, quantifiable, […]

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