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A Great Murmur Arises on New Year’s Eve

For the Babylonians and Romans the new year was a sobering event, a time to renew allegiance to pagan gods, emperors, kings. The consequences for making unrealistic and unkept promises to a pantheon like that had teeth, by Zeus! There’ve been no teeth for a long time.  We might as well be gumming to death our intentions for all they mean to achieving concrete consequences.  Pledges about mental health and wellness […]

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Who came up with this idea, anyway? Blame the Babylonians and Romans who used their new year to reaffirm allegiance to the gods as well as to lesser but still powerful mortals like kings or emperors. Much later, in 1740, John Wesley developed a religious alternative to holiday partying.  These watch night services were held as a renewal of the covenant with God. Resolutions ran with a powerful crowd. Ironically, […]

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