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Who came up with this idea, anyway? Blame the Babylonians and Romans who used their new year to reaffirm allegiance to the gods as well as to lesser but still powerful mortals like kings or emperors. Much later, in 1740, John Wesley developed a religious alternative to holiday partying.¬† These watch night services were held as a renewal of the covenant with God. Resolutions ran with a powerful crowd. Ironically, […]

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Doing work you’re passionate about has been the imperative for years now. This, despite the contined high unemployment rate, a rate that doesn’t even reflect people who gave up trying to find work years ago. Ironically, they’re called the “invisible unemployed” and there’s about 86 million of them. ¬†Like the “invisibly disabled”, both are a large part of our society where the “invisible” part suggests monkeys with hands over their […]

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