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I’m a fine one to talk. “All change implies the acceptance of loss” is the line I berate my coaching and psychotherapy clients with. Loss of function with invisible disability carries with it more than just the loss of “being able to…”  It’s how others’ attitudes might change.  Or how communication in a relationship — married or not — is impacted. Recently emailing with a colleague, another permutation appeared:  “All loss […]

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Married, in a relationship, or single, life is often ungovernable. Through disability, chronic illness, divorce, break-up, deaths big and small where do we find respite from difficulty? When can we stop being courageous? So many of us lean on love to give us relief from life’s chattering. If love were so one-dimensional, though, if all loving did was give us rest, would it still be lustrous? What is easy, quantifiable, […]

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The autopilot in us keeps us so far from making choices that our lives go by like getting to work — can’t even remember how we got there. I tell myself that if life wasn’t so full and whirling I’d be more of a participant instead of bystanding   But getting in “the flow” isn’t singular and it isn’t the same for each of us.  While I suspect that lots of us […]

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Lots of us with disabilities, hidden or not, feel as if we’re a burden.  Needing assistance with basic tasks, like getting from one place to the other, feels like a loss of independence.  Depending on our experience with that quality, a loss like that can be emotionally upsetting.  Thus, we want and need to believe that relationships are unaffected. In the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, swindlers were able […]

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced Rachelle Friedman to those of you who don’t know her.   If you recall, she became wheelchair-bound due to a freak accident at her bachelorette party.  I promised to tell you more… Not to be cheesy, but Rachelle and her husband, Chris, are nothing short of inspiring.  They never chose to be in the spotlight, but they are.  Their lives together have a […]

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While apartheid has been legally abandoned in South Africa, it can still be a racially uneasy place.  But some questions cut across racial lines:  Is Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder? It was a made-for-television story starring Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee running on bladed “legs” in last summer’s Olympic Games, and his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, a beautiful model.  Life in a luxurious gated community.  Fame, wanted or not, right up […]

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“If you have multiple sclerosis, you’re treated with respect.”

The following assertion was made by Maxine Cunningham, founder and director of Empowered Walking Enterprise/Ministries.  My response follows. “Dignity is not a word that we often hear in connection with how we treat persons with a chronic mental illness – YES if you have cancer, ALS, multiple sclerosis, etc. Dignity and full personhood – that we might be whole.” As a therapist with multiple sclerosis, and a Board member of the Invisible Disabilities […]

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