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If you’re reading this chances are I’m not going to change your mind; we probably think alike anyway . Just in case . . . As if you needed proof that much more rhetoric needs to be on the stigma of mental health, just listen to this factoid from the National Institutes of Health: “Of the 32,000 deaths per year from gun violence in the U.S., more than 60% are […]

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(This blog was first published by  In the mega-wattage aimed at Robin Williams’ suicide everyone had something to say.  But when all was said, everything went back to the way it’s always been when mental health’s the issue. The disabled or chronically ill population often inhabits a landscape where mental health is a place of shifting sands; they know that psychological symptoms are only part of the territory.  And […]

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I keep a book in my office and if I had a coffee table, it would be on it. It’s red, with a coffee spill down the front that’s dried into a Rorschach-kind of thing.  Nifty for it to be in a therapist’s office. Inside, dozens of clients have written their “should’s”. It’s not instructive to describe what they said; more than likely, their self-flagellations are the same as  yours. […]

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