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I’m a fine one to talk. “All change implies the acceptance of loss” is the line I berate my coaching and psychotherapy clients with. Loss of function with invisible disability carries with it more than just the loss of “being able to…”  It’s how others’ attitudes might change.  Or how communication in a relationship — married or not — is impacted. Recently emailing with a colleague, another permutation appeared:  “All loss […]

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Married, in a relationship, or single, life is often ungovernable. Through disability, chronic illness, divorce, break-up, deaths big and small where do we find respite from difficulty? When can we stop being courageous? So many of us lean on love to give us relief from life’s chattering. If love were so one-dimensional, though, if all loving did was give us rest, would it still be lustrous? What is easy, quantifiable, […]

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